TTV Global Corp. and Blue Lion Group Inc. proudly announce the launch of, a groundbreaking online platform designed to revolutionize ad campaign funding across the globe. introduces a paradigm shift in the world of advertising investment. This innovative platform allows investors to fund ad campaigns worldwide and earn 12.5% of gross sales without the intricacies of onboarding, fulfillment, or paperwork. It stands as a testament to the seamless integration of technological advancement and financial expertise.


“ embodies the marriage of technology and finance, offering investors a seamless way to engage in the advertising industry without the usual complexities. It’s a testament to the power of innovation.” Francis Etuk, TTV Global

The collaboration between TTV Global, renowned for its cutting-edge technology solutions, and Blue Lion Group, distinguished for its operational and financial management prowess, has led to the creation of This platform embodies the fusion of expertise and innovation, presenting a pioneering concept in the advertising landscape.

At its core, offers a hands-off yet highly rewarding investment opportunity. Investors can seamlessly contribute to ad campaigns and watch their contributions transform into revenue without the need for active management. The platform ensures a direct connection between investment and returns, simplifying the investment process like never before.

Discover Freedom is designed to make investing in ad campaigns effortless, transparent, and financially rewarding. Investors can participate in global ad campaigns without the burden of managing the intricate details typically associated with such ventures. This platform democratizes the advertising investment landscape, opening doors for individual investors to engage in a market once dominated by industry insiders. The launch of is not just a step forward in the advertising industry but also a testament to the future of investment opportunities in the digital sphere. It symbolizes a transformation in the way people engage with passive income, offering a convenient and profitable avenue for investors seeking financial growth.

Invest in the world’s potential

The collaboration between TTV Global and Blue Lion Group signifies the potential that lies within the digital ecosystem. is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and technology in simplifying investment opportunities. It serves as an invitation for investors to explore the freedom and profitability that the platform offers. marks the genesis of a visionary journey into a world where financial growth aligns with freedom of investment. It exemplifies the convergence of innovation and investment and invites individuals to witness a new era in passive income, revolutionizing their approach to participating in the advertising industry. The launch of represents the commitment of TTV Global Corp. and Blue Lion Group Inc. to pioneer and redefine investment opportunities in the digital landscape.



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